Even as I continue to expand my skill set, video will always be my bread and butter. In grade seven, I attended a summer camp where I made some truly horrible movies with my Star Wars action figures. While they didn’t gain me a one way ticket to Lucas Film Productions, it did show me that I could create something visually with limited means. That was something I carried on to my professional life. Starting at small production companies and small market TV stations, I didn’t have access to high-end tools like Avid. I always had to find a work-around to achieve something unique. Now that I have a world of non-linear editing and graphics software, I find that the best approach is usually the simplest.

Lisa’s story is an important one. I have heard from many serving staff who have had similar difficult experiences. It’s clear that forcing women to wear high heels at work is a bad idea. Women should be able to make their own choice of whether and how often to wear high heels. 👠

Posted by Christina Gray on Thursday, November 29, 2018